Article I-Name


This organization shall be known as the "WICHITA FALLS AREA BASKETBALL OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION".


Article II-Purpose


Section 1.  The purpose of this organization shall be to unite in the membership of this chapter fully qualified basketball officials residing in the Wichita Falls area so that they, as basketball officials, may serve area schools on an impartial basis.


Section 2.  To establish and maintain the highest ideals and standards of ethics; encouraging sportsmanship and fair play.  Insuring closer cooperation and better understanding among officials, athletic representatives, coaches, players, athletic directors, fans and the media.


Section 3.  To develop among all basketball officials in all degrees of membership a definite responsibility as to individual knowledge of the rules and conduct of the game.


Section 4. Provide meetings prior to and during the basketball season for discussion, interpretation of the rules and create a greater amount of good fellowship and cooperation among the members of this organization.  A point of emphasis will be to stress the training and development of new and inexperienced officials.


Article III-Membership


Section 1.   Any person desiring to become a new member of this Chapter shall apply to the Board of Directors who shall consider the applicant's qualifications for basketball officiating and decide upon acceptance of such application.


Section 2.  Membership in this Chapter is open to anyone willing and able to officiate the game of basketball.


Section 3.  Continued membership is available to any member, so long as the required qualifications of membership have been met and maintained.


Section 4.  A probated membership shall exist in such case that a member fails to maintain the standards and requirements but not so severe as to impeach or terminate this member from this organization. As part of any probation, the Board of Directors will prescribe the steps to be taken by the member to be reinstated as a member in good standing.


Section 5.   All members of the WFABOA shall also maintain membership in a registering body for high school officials in the State of Texas.


Article IV-Officers


Section 1.  The officers of this organization will consist of a President, Vice-President, Assignment Secretary, and Treasurer.  Their duties are outlined in the bylaws.  Only officials completing at least the last 4 consecutive years membership in the WFABOA are eligible to hold these offices.


Section 2.  A further extension of officers in this chapter shall exist under the definition of Executive Committee of which shall be comprised of three members with at least the last 2 consecutive years membership in the WFABOA and as outlined in the chapter bylaws.


Section 3.  The combination of slated officers and executive officers shall constitute the Board of Directors and this Board of Directors shall handle the general management of the affairs of this chapter.


Section 4.  The officers of the chapter shall serve for a term of one year.  Officer elections shall be held at the last regularly called meeting of the basketball season.


Section 5. Any vacancy occurring in an office or Executive Committee, the Chapter President will appoint a qualified replacement (with the Boards approval) until a successor can be elected at the following annual election.


Section 6.  There is no restriction on the number of terms an officer may serve.


Article V-Amendments


Section 1.  The constitution and chapter bylaws of this organization may be amended by giving notice of such an amendment either in writing to the President of this chapter or the Acting President in the absence of the elected President or by making proper motion at a regular chapter meeting.   Any such amendment or motion for amendment shall be acted upon after one full week (seven days) and shall be completed within two weeks (fourteen days) after presentation of the amendment to the members of this chapter.


Section 2.  Adoption of an amendment to this document both in its bylaws and chapter defined bodies, shall require a simple two-thirds vote of the active membership who have completed 1 season of membership. 


Section 3.  The President has the authority to administer a vote on amendments at a meeting of the chapter, by phone, on-line or by any other method deemed appropriate by the President.


Chapter Bylaws


Article I-Voting


Voting in the WFABOA shall be categorized as ballot, show of hands, voice, proxy or absentee. The President shall have sole judgement in determining what method of voting is to be used.  Only the active members in good standing shall have the right to vote on chapter business.  Each member shall have one vote.


Article II-Meetings


Section 1.  A quorum of this chapter's membership must be present for any chapter business to be conducted or for any meeting to go on record.


  1. The quorum for regular active member meetings is 50% of the active members present.

  2. The quorum for any Board of Directors meetings will be no less than five members of the Board of Directors present.


Section 2.  The recommended order of business shall primarily follow the Roberts Rules of Order.


Article III-Membership


Section 1.  The membership shall have the following requirements to maintain in order to be considered to be in good standing.  Failure to maintain these requirements places the member in question on the probated membership roster until such time this member is reinstated by this chapter.


  1. Attain the minimum grades on rules and mechanics examinations set forth by the WFABOA.

  2. To maintain current chapter dues.

  3. A 75% attendance of all training sessions scheduled for this chapters New Active Members.

  4. To work the assigned games that pass through this chapter Assignment Secretary.


Section 2.  Any member of this chapter that is: guilty of any breach of basketball officiating ethics; who shows a lack of ability in carrying his share of the load; whose conduct is detrimental to the objectives of the game; injurious to the character of this chapter; who violates it's bylaws or established rules, may be placed on probation (Probationary member), fined, removed from office or expelled from this chapter by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall be initial judges as to what constitutes the above inability. As part of any probation or expulsion, the Board of Directors will prescribe the steps to be taken by the member to be reinstated as a member in good standing.



  1. No member shall be expelled or suspended without having a hearing before this chapter's Board of Directors.

  2. This Chapter will also recognize other Chapter’s authority by refusing membership to expelled or suspended members seeking membership into our chapter that come from another chapter where that person has been suspended or expelled.

  3. The Chapter Assignment Secretary is to inform other chapter secretaries of the suspended member when inquiries are made.

  4. No member of this chapter will officiate any sanctioned basketball game with any expelled or suspended member from this chapter or any other Chapter recognized by the registering body of the State of Texas.


Article IV-Fees and Assessments


Section 1.  This Chapter's source of income for operating funds, bills and other statements shall be derived primarily from, assignment fees and annual chapter membership dues. The Chapter dues shall be determined each year by the Board of Directors.


Section 2.  Fines assessed to a member of this Chapter are payable unless that member being fined withdraws, resigns, or is dismissed by this organizations decision.


Section 3.  All moneys due this chapter through dues, fees and fines are considered that member's balance whether it is a positive or negative balance.  This balance is the responsibility of that member and shall be taken care of by that member.  In the case of positive balances, the money can be carried forward to the next coming season or the member may request a refund.  If the balance is negative then it too can be forwarded into the next season only if the member maintains a classification that continues to work basketball.  If the member having a negative balance withdraws, quits, or resigns, all outstanding balances must be paid current at that time.


Section 4.  All other bills, statements and dues shall be handled through normal business procedures at regularly scheduled meetings.


  1. Treasurer's report shall be read at each meeting.

  2. Any and all statement for operating funds shall be presented individually for Board of Directors approval in order that payment can be made.

  3. No payments, other than game fees to members for game worked, will be made without approval of the Board of Directors.

  4. All checks as payments by this chapter shall require the Treasurer's signature and one of two other officers designated by the President at the beginning of each new season.


Article V-Officers and Their Duties


Section 1.  The elected officers of this chapter shall perform their responsibilities in the spirit and attitude that this organization is based upon.  These elected officials shall as a body of leaders and innovators share equally in the responsibilities of the chapter and pledge themselves to continuously improve the environment of this organization and the game of basketball and the participants of the game of basketball.  Each individual office will also share and maintain its outlined responsibility.


  1. The President

  • Will be the chief executive officer.

  • Will be responsible for the conduct and participation of the other elected officers.

  • Conduct each and every meeting.

  • Will be the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  • Oversee all appointed and elected committees and is an ex-officio member of each committee.

  • Maintain order and clarity in all meetings.

  • Abide by Robert's Rules of Order for all meetings.

  • In general, conduct him or herself in accordance with the expected conduct of such an officer.

  • Shall vote only in case of tie votes in either general chapter votes or in Board of Director voting.

  • Shall pass on all vital documents, data, files and pertinent information to the new incoming president.

  • Shall assume a position as an Executive Committee member on the Board of Directors for a period of two years immediately upon the election of a new president.

  • Has the authority to make any decision he/she deems necessary to further the interests of the Chapter. Any such actions not specifically covered in the By-Laws are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

  • Has the authority to spend up to $150 per month without the approval of the Board of Directors. Receipts must be submitted.


  1. The Vice-President

  • Shall preside over meetings and assume the above outlined responsibilities during the absence of the President.

  • Shall be responsible for the training program of all members.

  • Recommend rating adjustment for officials to Board of Directors at each meeting.

  • Shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

  • Will be responsible for training aids and equipment.

  • Has the authority to spend up to $100 per month without the approval of the Board of Directors. Receipts must be submitted.

  • Administer and report rules and mechanics tests.


  1. The Treasurer

  • Shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

  • Maintain account and records of collections of all revenues.

  • Ensure all monies are deposited in a timely fashion, usually within three (3) business days.

  • Maintain a record of expenses incurred and paid.

  • Make timely payments of all bills and expenses.

  • Prepare and provide a financial report for inspection by any member of this chapter at any time. The report will be provided within five (5) calendar days of the request.

  • Prepare any reports requested by the President and/or the Board of Directors within two (2) calendar days of the request.

  • Provide a financial report at the first membership meeting of each month and at every Board  meeting.

  • Remind members of outstanding dues, fees, and fines.

  • Report to the President any member in negative balance that has occurred outside normal assessments.

  • Prepare annual and end-of-year financial reports, including state and federal reports.

  • Prepare and maintain any other financial records deemed necessary by the President or the Board of Directors

  • May receive a fee for his or her services during the year.  The Board of Directors shall determine the amount of this fee and shall report this amount to the membership.

  • Shall make available any and all accounts, records, and documents for auditing purposes.

  • Obtain “view only” access to online banking for the President

  • Obtain full online banking access to the officer designated by the President.

  • Perform any additional and necessary financial related duties assigned by the President and/or the Board of Directors

  • Has the authority to spend up to $100 per month without the approval of the Board of Directors. Receipts must be submitted.


  1. The Assignment Secretary

  • Shall make all assignments of games, which come through the chapter.

  • Provide as much notice as possible of assignments to officials.

  • May receive a fee for his or her services during the year.  The Board of Directors shall determine the amount of this fee and shall report this amount to the membership.

  • Shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

  • Prepare all end-of-year reports to the registering body.

  • Provide individual assignment reports (include previous month) monthly to the Board of Directors for review.

  • Verify all game reports.

  • Has the authority to spend up to $100 per month without the approval of the Board of Directors. Receipts must be submitted.


  1. The Executive Committee

  • Shall consist of three members.  The immediate past president shall automatically become one of these three members for a period of two years following the election of a new president.

  • Shall be elected by the general membership.

(3)  Shall be voting members of the Board of Directors.       



Article VI-Assignments


Section 1.  The Assignment Secretary shall make assignments of games. The Board of Directors will set operating procedures to be used by the Assignment Secretary. Assignments will be made on-line unless special circumstances arise.


Article VII- Election of Officers


Section 1.  All officers of the WFABOA Chapter members are listed in Article V of the Constitution.  The slate of officers including the Executive Committee shall be elected from the body of active members and shall be elected by a simple majority vote of active members voting during the election.


Section 2.  The election of all officers and the executive committee members who by virtue of this Constitution declaration of these members being on the Board of Directors will be conducted at the last meeting regularly scheduled at the end of each basketball season.


Section 3.  The process of election of officers shall follow a routine procedure:



  1. The president shall determine how and when nominations for office are accepted. Nominations will be made before the last regularly scheduled meeting each year.

  2. The floor shall always remain open for the nomination of other possible candidates seeking or desiring to become a candidate for office.

  1. Standard procedural nomination is required.

  2. The floor nominated person must have been requested and granted his or her permission for the position discussed.


Article VIII-Audits


Section 1.  Audits are a matter of routine business to protect the interests of the Chapter and the Treasurer. As such, audits shall be scheduled in accordance with the terms outlined in the Procedural Manual.


Article IX-Rules Adherence


Section 1.  The rules of the National Basketball Committee of the United State and Canada shall be strictly adhered to.


Section 2.  This chapter and its members shall not have the right or authority to change, alter or modify these rules.


Section 3.  The only modifications and clarifications that affect the understanding of the basic rules that will be accepted by this organization shall come from the registering body.


Article X – Ratings/Evaluations


Section 1.  The rating system is designed to assist the Assignment Secretary in assigning officials to games commensurate with their experience. The ratings, or Groups, are identified in the Procedural Manual


Section 2. Evaluations are designed to provide constructive feedback to officials on on-court presence, game management and mechanics. The evaluation process and for is in the Procedural Manual.


Article XI-General


Section 1.  The President has the authority to decide upon any problem or question not specifically covered herein subject to later review by the Board of Directors.


Section 2.  Reasonable expenses will be paid by the Chapter for the President and Assignment Secretary to attend the annual state meeting of the registering body.  Representation of the Chapter is mandatory at the state meeting.


Section 3.  The Code of Ethics for Officials of the registering body shall be the guideline of conduct for all members of this chapter.