2019 Wichita Falls Preseason Basketball Shootout


City View High School and City View Elementary School

Saturday, October 5, 2019 

The schedule is current as of 10/1/2019 @ 10 AM

2019 Shootout Rules: 

- The first game starts at 8:40 AM - Last Games Start at 4:00 PM

- Each team is guaranteed 3 games. 

-Each game is 1 Half of Basketball (8 Min Quarters)

-Normal Clock

-NFHS Rules (Timeout Exception: 2 30's and 1 Full)

-Each game will begin with a Jump Ball

-Overtime will be Sudden Death

-1 Min between Quarters

-5 Min Warmup

- 5 fouls per player, 7 fouls for Single Bonus, 10 Fouls for Double Bonus

This will be an WFABOA Officials Training and Evaluation event.

Click on the teams below to see their individual schedules: